Night of the Woods’ Anthropomorphic Cast Touches on Real-World Issues of Place & Mind: A PS4 Review

With the vast amount of titles that launch each year, its hard to find reasons to replay a game over moving onto the next in a very tall stack. That’s the first thing I can think to say about Night in the Woods (NITW), one of the first big Indie hits developed by newly created studio Infinite Fall. I had to jump back in more than a few times in order to grasp at a story that far-reached beyond whatever I thought was possible in a game.

Let me back up a second with a synopsis; Mae, a 20 year-old local of the mid-America town of Possum Springs, returns home after dropping out of college, afterward attempting to settle into her old life and friends, with the slow realization that things are not as they used to be.

That’s where we start with our titular main character; a girl going immediately from one life-changing event into a setting that was previously familiar to her.

For those of you saying to yourselves, “Well, that happens in a lot of stories and games”, I beg to differ. Most games involving story I feel for the most part eventually places the central character and cast into places where they become “special” over the course of the game, and I might even discuss “power” as a part of that aspect. Mae isn’t made to feel either one of those, but quite the opposite. Her and her friend’s anxieties over life issues becomes prevalent quickly, pain over positions in life and how they may not have control is part of the picture, as well as the point.

The town they live in struggling to bring industry that used to exist in abundance as well as people to make the area thrive, jobs disappearing and those that used to hold them forced with uncertainty in their futures, these are reflections in today’s times. In subtle ways at times and in others point-blank, NITW holds up a mirror to reflect these anxieties that are happening more in our era. In the concerns it brings up, a strong commentary develops over how we deal, or don’t, with these troubles.

I love how, as Mae, you’re able to interact with each townsperson, getting to know them and those struggles. Many of the relationship-building activities in between range from quick conversations to a handful of mini-games, including jamming out with Mae’s close friends in a Guitar Hero-isc fashion to star-gazing with one of her old teachers. These light-hearted affairs help give balance to the heavier themes throughout the game, that even as things happen, life goes on and we deal with what comes in our own unique ways.

With its charming overworld and cute yet surprisingly deep cast of characters, Night in the Woods is an experience that can reach well beyond the general gaming audience, if given a chance. To get a slight preview of the game mechanics and feel, the team of Infinite Fall has on their main site,, two supplemental games that give a bit of back story into the bigger title. Longest Night & Lost Constellation are both pay-what-you-want, with proceeds going to the creators to put into upcoming projects.

NITW is available now on all major consoles, and with a $20 asking price, its worth your time and budget.

“At the End of Everything, Hold on to Anything.”


Tournament Event Today! ReSe Returns to UNCC for A New Year of New Brawls!!

Hey All! Are you ready for the next year in competition? The collective of Charlotte’s FGC are back at it again with this month’s, and namely this year’s, 1st big Fighting Game Tournament in-town; Rock’em Sock’em at UNCC!!!

Below are the details for today’s event. This month, the offerings are…

At The Event:
– Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite – Tekken 7 – Street Fighter V
– Injustice 2 – Street Fighter (Super Turbo Alpha 2/3) – Skull Girls: 2nd Encore
– BlazBlue – Guilty Gear
… Holders are also open to running any game brought up on the day of

ReSe is a BYOC (Bring your own controller) event. All adapters and controllers are allowed except for the Chronus brand of adapters.

This month, ReSe will be in the Popp Martin Student Union building on the 3rd floor.

*Weekend Parking is Free at UNCC, so feel free to take up the decks nearby*

Tourney Details:

  • Registration begins at 12pm and ends at 2pm.
  • Early Bird Registration is for the first 2 weeks of registration and only applies to paid registration. (You have the option of registering but paying for the event at the door, there is no discount for this)
  • Brackets for all games are made at registration closing!

Start Times:
– Tekken 7 (2:30 pm)
– MvCI (2:30 pm)
– SFV (3 – 4 pm)
– Injustice 2 (3 – 4 pm)

Start Time: 3pm  (Will Start with Largest Bracket)
– SF (Super Turbo Alpha 2/3) – Guilty Gear – BlazBlue – Skull Girls – Mortal Kombat

Venue – $10
Majors – $10
Minors – $5
Spectating and Casual Play – *FREE*

Majors – 65/20/15 Minors – Determined by bracket size but usually 80/20 or winner take all

8+ man bracket 65/20/15 Up to 7 man Bracket and Round Robin 80/20

Streams: In Case You Need To Check the Competition From Work
Main Stream
Tekken Stream

Come on out if you can, support your local gaming scene, and lastly…


Reporting Live, From 20XX
– D. Sigma

Newsflash! Soul Caliber VI Announced!!

It had been too long since the last entry in 2011, but my soul still burns for battle. I called this one, but whatever, SOUL CALIBER VI IS HAPPENING!!!!

Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

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Koyobi Uplifts Fighting E-Sports into the Charlotte-Concord Area – An Inside Look

Charlotte, as a metropolitan hub, is a growing canvas. Amid the demolition of a few long-held favorite venues, others continue to pop up, and the grassroots hold them up and the scene together.

Gaming as an E-Sport is and has been on the rise for some time. In Charlotte, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte has been held as a testing ground into introducing CLT into the fold that includes bigger fish, like Richmond or NYC. With the arcades on the low, sometimes it takes an effort from Fighting Game enthusiasts to introduce the culture of competitive gaming back for the upcoming generations as well as give vet’s an arena to test their skills.

Koyobi, LLC is one such group.

Brought into being on July 15th, 2016, and headed by faces such as Sterling Duncan and Yoel Kidd, Koyobi members combine their many resources and talents to bring free-play fighters for players young and veteran to hone their skills. With the raise in game-prices and with limited budgets, Koyobi’s event also gives access to those that may not otherwise have a chance to jump in. Their weekly events at Hotshots, in the Concord area, also give a chance to casual players that may be curious, benefiting all walks.

From the past classics like Marvel vs. Capcom to the present day edition of Tekken 7, the atmosphere is friendly in respect to exposure. On-lookers are always invited to bring their TV units and systems to share or train on. A certain nostalgia accompanies this aspect and is attractive. We build upon the roots that we put down, and groups like Koyobi are no different. Constantly, I find groups gathered in discussions about the gaming industry and where it will go next. Some will fan over their favorite characters making it into the fold, others rave in a humorous manner in past battles fought while brainstorming new tactics to take to the field. It is what rare sight for me to see so much going on in a more public place, bringing my thoughts to yesteryear.

E-Sports is a young yet prosperous venture, seemingly bringing back a vintage image of when arcade-goers would be swarmed around a cabinet, looking over the shoulders of would-be giants tackling the competition. It is vitally important that the face-to-face contacts continue, and events like that are important in that vision.

Koyobi, LLC hosts gaming  at the Hotshots establishment near Concord Mills every Monday Night, starting from 7pm to 12pm Midnight. If you’re ever curious to come see where the industry is at the grassroot level or want to test your might against fierce competitors, look nowhere else than here for your Weekday night outing. Free-entry & Free-to-play for all.

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Newsflash! Megaman 11 trailer drops for Late 2018 Release!!

Wow! Now this, we could and could not have seen coming. Megaman is back in the fold in a much bigger way than this year’s homage to MMX in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. 

8 years have passed since the release of MM10 (just remembered I have both 9 & 10 on my Wii), and today’s announcement adds another entry to the Classic saga. 
Jumping out of the 8-bit realm and into solid hand-drawn, it looks like Capcom may be leaving the Nintendo graphics behind for a bit of the styles seen in 7 & 8. 2.5D adds to this new addition, having in one of the sub-boss fights interacting with the background for show. 

The power shown also changes Megaman’s cannon out of the usual shape, not really changing much, but is still cool.

Along with MM11, a Megaman X Legacy Collection has been announced, not only holding the first 6, but 7 & 8 from the PS2 as well. While this writer wasn’t a huge fan, you readers may feel differently about them as components to the saga.

Stay tuned for updates as they come for this new development. 

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– D.Sigma

ReSe Tournament @ UNCC: 12 to 7pm


Happy Weekend, Charlotteans and Fighting Game Fans Alike!!! I’m over at UNCC where Rock ’em/Sock ’em (ReSe) is live on the 3rd floor of the Student Union building, in the center of campus.  It is one of Charlotte’s bigger fighting … Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving from RF20XX!!!! / Break-Post w/Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

To All My Readers, Followers, and Gaming Partners Out There In the Netherverse,

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

I appreciate everyone’s support on & off in my travels thru reporting and gaming, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday surrounded by all the food, family, and friends possible!

This is what I’ll be getting into in my time away. Check it out and let’s join up at the campsite!!

Add me, let’s be friends, and tell me all about those camps :-D.

Sonic Forces Stays on Track & Moves Forward: PS4 Review


Unpopular opinion, though the pages of reviews I’ve managed to navigate say otherwise; it wasn’t that bad of a game.

Don’t get me wrong, I played it with the idea of both sides in mind, that it could be another step forward or a flaming dumpster that could send the Sonic Team back again. People have long memories in the game community, and though 10 years out, no one has forgotten Sonic ’06, as it is referred to. I personally had gripes with “The Secret Rings” and “Unleashed” with the auto-run/dodge system the games seemed to run on, and I gave up on our blue hero. Full Disclosure: This is my first Sonic game since that era, not counting when Sonic Mania was introduced to me as a demo and I got a good nostalgia kick for a bit. That was a great move, but I digress.

The first thing that hit me about it’s release is that it went from the $40 range rather than the full $59.99 that new titles harbor these days as an average. (Technically, you could have bought Mania & Forces together to come out to a similar price, which did occur as a good marketing tactic if they ever wanted to use it.) For that price versus the rest of the industry, that makes Forces affordable, giving good incentive for purchase whether a parent looking for a new title or a veteran gamer, both whom may remember.

The big joke that surrounded “Forces” was the ability to create your own Sonic character. I thought it would be great to make the most bizarre looking icon, and it was fun manipulating the different costumes to unlock with each achievement over the 2 to 4 hour main story. Your character can be 1 of 5 different animals, each with it’s own incentives, so you could be a Hedgehog and gain more rings upon collecting them, or you could be a Dog and gain more time in invincibility mode after taking a hit. I thought that was nifty honestly, so obviously I went the Hedgehog route, specifically for science. The Bird was my second choice, due to the racing games.

The over-world, stages, and story felt out of Ian Flynn’s comic universe. The story begins with after the first stage, Sonic loses to the new villain character, Infinite. After not being seen for months while in Dr. Robotnik (Eggman)’s clutches, the other cast members like Amy or Knuckles form a resistance movement against the Eggman Empire. Flynn’s stories include a much more diverse cast, many rotating villains and tales of rebellion with Sonic, and in the comics & 90’s TV show Sally, at the resistance front. That personally pulled me in a bit. This is where your OG character comes in, introduced into their main force as “The Rookie”.

Included in the story is an explanation to have Classic Sonic join the rest of the cast, making this title feel like the sequel to Sonic Generations, which would not be surprising as Sonic Team’s intentions. So, Modern Sonic, OG Character, and Classic are all players get to interact as. Until Sonic comes back, the OG model more or less mirrors Modern Sonics movements, on down to the homing attack and the bounce. The stark different in gameplay is the variety of elemental weapons your OG gets to equip and unlock over each stage and achievement. There’s also a wire instrument that makes OG feel a lot like a Spiderman archetype, and it serves as just another mechanic to show off the world, get around stages, and quick-time certain events at different points.

My biggest surprise is that they did away with the auto-run from earlier titles, and thank god. Modern Sonic feels more like the Sonic Adventure games’s gameplay, where I can stop and think about what I’m doing before I rush right in. The boost attacks, which I suppose are from the Colors title since you have to collect the capsule squids to initiate it, add a tactic to barreling through certain enemies, so I appreciated that. Classic Sonic is everything a Genesis Owner should expect, and that’d be the platforming, the ground-spinning, and the power-ups. Nothing wrong there.

Many of the stages were named of the past editions, and even would make reference to other older game areas. Some might say that they should have made new areas for the game, but I see that in having, for example, Green Hill Zone somewhere we play in, but in Forces took it and divided it into several different stages/spots. That was good thinking, and a way to differentiate between parts of Mobius’s world. With Classic, the game remixed stages like Chemical Plant and Green Hill, so I ended up in the second area from Sonic 2’s Chemical Plant, with much more added in and additional secrets.

There has been throw-back to the long-time fans since Sonic Generations hit consoles, and in the last three games Sonic Team has put in effort to appeal to past and present fans with the little things. We need that outreach, and congrats to them for finally making that a priority. Serious Kudos.

As was said earlier, it is a short main campaign, stretching at most 4 hours, meaning you can beat it in an afternoon if you prefer. The replay value is in collecting the red rings for more unlockables, getting S-Rank in each stage, and the new edition of the SOS-system, where the game at any point in the overworld map with beep and display a stage with a challenge for players to accomplish, giving a grindable rank for your time and skill with your OG character. You are able to earn medals throughout the game, which link to trophies and extra items yet again to equip your OG with. It certainly helps when trying to get the biggest bang for your buck at the price-point, but I can also see this getting stale after a while unless you’re a die-hard fan.

If you need me to talk about the music, then in a few short words; The soundtrack doesn’t disappoint, and never has.

So, in conclusion, Sonic Forces is not the worst game in the franchise, but also not a blow-out. I’d cite against it the shortness of the title, the ease of going through many of the stages, and while I had some difficulty near the end, it wasn’t anything I couldn’t power through after a time. I also didn’t care for the jumps of Modern/OG, as I’d fall down holes many times over because I didn’t position correctly. The gravity seems off with them where it doesn’t with Classic at the helm. While being a fun game and definitely replayable, it has the the chance of growing stale after a time, although unlockable stages to pop up at the right achievements, which helps.


If I were to score it, I’d place it between a 6.5 & a 7/10. It is a step forward for the Sonic Team, and I hope they keep trying, making games and learning from their mistakes. The Sonic franchise overall has taken some big hits over the years, so I’m sincerely happy with this title.

That’s all from us today, I hope you enjoyed checking our review. Have a couple things to add? Did you love or hate Forces for different reasons? Are we too optimistic? Let us know in the comments what you think, and don’t forget to like this post if you enjoyed it here today!

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Weekly Trailer Showcase, Nov 13th to 19th

IT. IS. FRIDAY, Y’ALL!!!!!!!!!

Trailer Day is here, and this go-round, I’ll throw up a couple recent ones, but I’m going to be aiming at the releases coming up that are hype-worthy. No Noctis today, don’t care to beat a dead horse (although this one too is also new, but already posted it).

We’ll start with something similar.

Final Fantasy: Dissidia NT – PS4 – January 30th, 2018

Dissidia, for all those that never held a PSP, is an action game outside the vein of it’s RPG roots. You pick your favorite FF hero or villain and fight one-on-one in arena/areas inspired by different locations within the Final Fantasy Universe, launching special attacks with a 3-button system while building up a meter for specials or transformations. It was a really cool concept/game back then, and thankfully (unexpectedly), its back.

The new game teams you on 3-on-3’s, from what I’ve seen in trailers and from what I’ve personally played in the arcades in Japan, although the cabinets had you play with others, so I’m not sure how that will exactly work on home consoles, just that something similar may pop up. Expecting to get my old crew together on this one.

Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls V – Switch – November 17th, 2017

This is getting posted, possibly for the 2nd time, because I’m picking this up today. With my lifestyle, I’m barely ever able to sit down and fully immerse myself in a great game universe like this one, and I’ve played maybe a couple hours on the PS4 version since I bought it the first time almost a year ago. The Switch enabled me to beat a big-name game like Mario Odyssey on the road taxiing folk about, it will do the same for Skyrim.

If you are like me and haven’t picked this game up yet, do so. Its worth it. Read the many reviews online from past versions, look at gameplay, its an open world where literally you can do everything but the main quest if you so wished. My main activities are raiding caves and killing everything in the fields. Everything. You can do that. Also stealing is fun here, but like killing, non-transferable to real life…. Ha ha ha.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Switch – Dec. 1st, 2017

I’m ending our set here today with Xenoblade Chronicles 2, since this game, unlike the first, will come out in the lifecycle of it’s console and not at the bitter end for people to miss. The first was so, so good; massive amount of open-world exploration, the story was expansive with character growth and relationship-building, and the challenge to take out the larger creatures around pushed me into it’s replay-able New Game +. I’m hoping the sequel gives us those and more, much like the trailers have shown so far. The trailer above is the Nintendo Direct, a good 16 minutes, but please look into it, I promise you won’t regret it.

That’s all for this week! Tune in next for more assorted spotlights. Till then, seeya around!

Have any games you’d like explored or shared? Want to add to the excitement coming? Do you hate Skyrim? Let us know in the comments, and please don’t forget to like this post and follow us if you enjoy what you’ve seen here so far!

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Noctis in T7? A Trial Upon FFXV Invading The Tekken Franchise

Noctis, as a Tekken fighter. A Square character, I can see from the several that have their martial/street styles down, but a blade-wielding one? Huh?

While this isn’t the first time that an outsider character has invaded the Te-…

Wait, it is? Tekken 7 is the first game to insert other flagship names from other franchises? I was thinking of Soul Caliber with that first statement? Ah, right, it was Heihachi that starred outside of his own game, the first time being in SCII in the PS2 Home Version (Great game, btw). That was strange too back then, but we can tackle that in a bit.

Metaphor to that & where I’ll be going from here; On your own chessboard, you can do what you like with your own pieces, and maybe other chess pieces that may stand in the same spots, but when you add in a 8-inch action figure to the game, your chess set will start to look a bit weird, and people may question how it still plays the same.

For the metaphor here, our chessboard is established with a franchise full of hand-to-hand fighters, each with their own backstories, influences, etc. Yoshimitsu is the closest to using any sort of weapon in his fighting-style, but since Tekken 1 has gone mostly bare-fisted with the sword along for aesthetic purposes. It IS the Iron-Fist Tournament, so it would be a little strange if not. Add in bladed combat, and the whole concept flips.

Keep in mind Bandai-Namco has a game for that, and it’s called Soul Edge/Soul Caliber, a fighting game that last released a core entry in 2013 on the PS3/XB360. 5 years have passed with no word on the next game. Not to say other games haven’t given us years between each, King of Fighters tends to go a solid half-decade as well as the separation of T6 & 7 was roughly 8, but it may be time to bring it back. Noctis would have been perfect for it, since he is more of the bladed persuasion.

The latest DLC with Geese Howard (trailer included above) is a great example of someone who fits the mold Tekken serves for, as is Akuma, aside the energy blasts, whom is essentially using a martial style. My main point here is the stark difference in character type, and with that, we have to keep in mind Square has decent bare-knuckle brawlers to throw at Tekken.

Tifa from FF7 would also have been a great choice, filling in the female cast and utilizing her limit-break as a Rage Art. They are remaking Final Fantasy 7, surely you’ve heard? Come on, Square, you know how this goes. Zell as well would have worked, I’ve seen it put up, but we’re not doing anything with FF8 at the moment, so he’s out. My last nominations lay with any of the characters from The Bouncer, one of the introductory games off of the Playstation 2 and a much-beloved gem in all who were able to play the title.

Devil’s Advocate, in defense, maybe what Square was going for was a promotion a la Dissidia, which launches on home consoles in January for North America. I understand that at least. Either way, Bandai-Namco and fellow readers/gamers, I sincerely hope the next DLC goes back to the fist. Maybe I’m in left-field on this rant, but the sword bit I saw in most of the moves displayed just doesn’t fit. Leave the action figure in the toybox, let the pawns battle it out on equal, as well as related, grounds.

For this and more, Tune into Reporting from 20XX to keep in on our take of gaming news and what you may have not heard! Have another side to present? Let us know in the comments below.

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