Game Trailer Wrap-Up; Week of Oct.29 – Nov. 4th

Happy Friday, Everyone! Here’s the run-down of all the reveals from this week in gaming.


Pokken Tournament: Croagunk Reveal Trailer: Nov.1st

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Join the Initiative Trailer: Nov.1st

Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct: Nov.2nd


Not seeing a trailer here you want featured? Did we miss something important? Let us know here in the comment section or on our Facebook page!

See ya all here next week; Stay Warned, Stay Informed, It’s 20XX.


One thought on “Game Trailer Wrap-Up; Week of Oct.29 – Nov. 4th

  1. Those are some nice new titles coming up. I am gonna have to catch up on Mass Effect. The graphics on Andromeda seem really great. You have a favorite Mass Effect (if you have played any of them)? Also is Pokken any good? I have heard from my fighting game enthusiast friends that it is kind of broken and not many people really play it.

    Also, I nominated you for the “Sunshine Blogger Award” ( which is like a little blogger award thingy that helps other bloggers get to know you better and discover you, and vice versa. You can totally ignore it if you want but I figured I’d let you know.


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